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Welcome to Diskgenius Professional. We are the leader in disk cloning software, making disk cloning as easy as possible. If you want to know more about Diskgenius Professional, please read the ”About” page or go to the homepage diskgenius professional database and there you’ll find the ”About” page and lots of information about Diskgenius Professional.
We offer amazing software, bundles and tools in our program office: Diskgenius Bootable USB, Diskgenius DVD cloning software, Diskgenius Portable DVD backup, Diskgenius Dual layer DVD, Diskgenius LiveDVD, Diskgenius ISO Image, Diskgenius Restoration, Diskgenius CD/DVD Rescue, Diskgenius Multi-Layer Density Recovery, Diskgenius Multi-Media Recovery, Diskgenius Forensic, Diskgenius Forensic Suite and Diskgenius Backup and Recovery Manager. These products are bundled together in the Diskgenius Professional Bundle.
If you like our products you can become a supporter of our software and company and get full access to the Beta phase and thus receive updates, new versions, be able to share your opinion and be part of the Diskgenius Community.
If you are still interested, and want to download a free demo, please go to our homepage and the demo of Diskgenius Professional is waiting for you.
You can easily see and change your settings in the
In the
pane you have a summary of the most important information about the disk you are currently writing. In the
pane you can adjust as many settings as you want for the cloning and recording process. For more information and to find the functions of the buttons please have a look at the help file.
can be adjusted in the properties panel. The available settings are listed in the left pane and each of them has the function to which they can be assigned. To change the settings, simply select the desired button in the properties.
After you have adjusted the desired settings, click on the Start Clone button to start the cloning process.

What can you do with DiskGenius Professional?

Cloning Windows

DiskGenius Professional can clone any hard drive, including drives with internal and external hard disks. This includes the cloning of Windows and Linux hard drives. The cloned data can be imported into the same or any other computer and thus you


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