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What is Photoshop?

Photoshop (PSD) is a raster graphics editor available for the Macintosh OS and Windows. It is a graphics editor, image processor, and all-purpose design tool. It is used to edit and manipulate raster images, such as photographs, video footage, 2D and 3D images, and vector graphics.

Photoshop is also an often used tool in the creation of composite imagery, such as images of movie posters and packaging.

Photoshop may be considered a type of illustration software that has the ability to create type and words, edit type, create, and apply strokes.

Photoshop, as a tool, has been used since its introduction in 1987 and because of the volume of innovation and the number of features available, some image editors have tried to imitate Photoshop. However, Photoshop remains the de facto standard and its widespread use has ensured this.

Advantages of Photoshop

Advantages of Photoshop

Adopting a layer-based editing system and the use of multiple overlays that support transparency make it easy to manipulate images.

The world’s most popular editing software.

It is the industry standard image-editing tool

Multiple sophisticated tools and the ability to use a number of tools to create complex effects.

Powerful, flexible, high-quality graphical tools.

Allows many design elements to be applied to many layers.

The interface is well designed to help you create effects quickly.

Convenient editing tools to create your effect in one click.

Creates icons that are compatible with other programs that use Windows icons.

Creation of custom brushes that you can save and use in multiple documents.

Advantages of Photoshop CC

Advantages of Photoshop CC

Creator of Photoshop

World’s most popular version of Photoshop

Designer and developer applications

Advanced tools for Photoshop

Photoshop 2020

Creator of Photoshop

Adds new features

World’s most popular version of Photoshop

Designer and developer applications

Advanced tools for Photoshop

Advantages of Photoshop CC

Advantages of Photoshop CC

Creator of Photoshop

World’s most popular version of Photoshop

Designer and developer applications

Advanced tools for Photoshop

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Photoshop Elements is a powerful professional software for editing high resolution photos. From design to photo manipulation, this software offers the user a wide range of creative tools.

The software comes with over 100 tutorials. There are 11 separate design tutorials to help beginners get started.

The full version of Photoshop doesn’t include some of the professional features. Photoshop Elements 18 adds some of the missing features from Photoshop and provides better tools for photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and illustrators.

You can do almost all the editing functions for photos in Photoshop Elements.

It’s easy to use and fast for common tasks. You can start with the most popular Elements experience, “Elements for Beginners” tutorial.

If you want a more powerful tool, or if you want to use the feature that you really need, Photoshop isn’t the right choice. If you use Photoshop and want a simpler and faster tool, Photoshop Elements can help.

Many people make a great living from creating images, and Photoshop gives you access to the tools you need to create your own.

What’s New in Photoshop Elements 18?

Sketch Overlay

You can now do a simple sketch of your image, and Photoshop Elements can draw the lines that you want to use to make it look like the original photo.

Photo Restoration

The software has a new “Photo Fix” feature that allows you to remove dust or scratches on your images.

This feature is still in development, but once it’s finished you’ll get an image that’s just a bit sharper than the original.

Text Effects

You can now use text tools to add effects to text, including shadows, drop shadows, and reflections.

Design Overlay

You can now place design elements on top of your image.

This gives you the option to add text, geometric shapes, clip art, and more.

Lightroom Presets

Lightroom developers can now use Photoshop to create presets that include their edits and settings.

You’ll be able to preview and edit all of the edits on your image.

Green Screen

You can now use your camera to take a photo in front of a green screen.

The software will create a virtual background for your image, which can be used to place text or other design elements on top of the image.

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Gili. We have finally arrived. After a week or so of traveling – plenty of work, a lot of joy and all that jazz, we now are in a place with a fantastic atmosphere and beautiful weather. We are going to take some photos this evening. Btw, the longer we are here the closer you feel to the islands – step by step.

We have been in Norway for about 5 days. It has been a long, exhausting and eventful journey. We are really happy that we managed to bring the magic of the islands and their charm for you all. Thanks again to all who have been with us and supported us.

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy a few days in Lofoten. We would like to tell you about a few events we had that were closely related to you – we hope you enjoy them!

Please stay tuned as we will come back with more detailed update in the near future – we promise!

So, here you are again, hoping to get something special in your mail box – well, here it is! We haven’t quite managed to send the newsletter to you yet but this time we tried something different. Why not?

And now, let’s start with a few fun facts!

What happened to the last newsletter?

As you probably guessed, many, many thanks to you who made this possible! We hope you enjoyed it and we thank you for the support we have received so far.

When do we publish the next one?

As you can guess, we are still busy and are in the process of finishing up some new shoots and having meetings. We will, therefore, post the next newsletter in two to three weeks.

Your support is always appreciated!

The rest of the year was pretty exciting, but it came to an end as well.

This year many things happened and we are really happy that we managed to bring a few special events to you.

You probably know that we are a small indie team, so please bear in mind that we don’t have big budgets to spend on production. We try to offer you events you won’t find anywhere else.

First, a funny fact. We are currently working on a new book and we are very happy that we are starting to finish up. So, we decided to get the latest information to you with the next newsletter – a.k.a. the new book!

What’s New In?

Undone Productions

Undone Productions is a Los Angeles based playwright and filmmaker for the stage and screen. Undone has been featured at The Marjorie S Heiskell Center for the Performing Arts at the Perlman Center for the Arts, The Korean Arts Council, The National Black Theatre Festival, The Eighth Black Arts Festival, The New York Asian American Film Festival, The O. Henry Screenplay Competition, The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, The Atlantic Theater Company, The Napa Valley Film Festival, The Chicago International Film Festival, The Women’s Project, The Kentucky Theater Festival, and Southland Playhouse.

As a playwright, Undone is known for directing psychological reality plays. She is best known for her play ”Bones”, which has been presented in 20 cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, and Germany.

Undone has studied with leading acting teachers Judith Light, Michael Jayaprakash, Mel Brooks, and Charles Ludlam.

As a filmmaker, Undone has directed three feature films and two television programs for the international market.

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Are there space cities in modern-day Germany?

Do space cities/stations exist in Germany today?
It would seem to me that there could be, since they exist in neighboring states such as Switzerland, Poland, Austria and in Italy.


In Germany, there are six Spaceports at

main facilities, located near the cities of Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart
smaller facilities, located near the cities of Ulm and Erlangen

there are also a few private manufacturing facilities.

There are space ports in neighboring countries, such as Neubiberg in Germany, Bad Reichenhall in Bavaria, Wiedenbrück in Baden-Württemberg or Baikonur in Kazakhstan (refer to Wikipedia lists of space ports).
But the largest effort would be the DARA Neubiberg for the exchange of components between rockets and satellites.

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